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What’s up with nitrogen. Is it beneficial in gasoline? A local tire shp will fill your tires with it for a price? What’s that about?

It’s about profit.

Air is 78% nitrogen, so your tires already have plenty of nitrogen in them.

Charging more money for 100% nitrogen is a profit generator, and nothing more.

This question has been answered many times. Air is 78% nitrogen anyway so why pay for it? The rule of thumb that I use is that if they charge for it it’s not worth it. If it’s free have at it.

No benefit other than a great marketing point. Most brands of gasoline have additives that use nitrogen compounds. Also, nitrogen in the tires is generally a waste of money. The benefits of nitrogen to fill tires has been greatly exaggerated, and only offers very marginal improvements to tire wear and life.

Two very different things: Nitrogen in tires is OK if it’s free, not worth paying for.
Nitrogen in gasoline is a component of cleaning compounds used to minimize deposits. Cleaning compounds are needed, so it’s a good thing, all gasoline has them to some degree.

I was a little surprised that Shell chose to use nitrogen in their gasoline ads, given the possible confusion with tire inflation.

I’ve used Shell and other brands of gasoline for many years in several cars. I am skeptical of their “nitrogen” claims, except that nitrogen is an elemental component of their detergent additives. All gasoline is required to have detergents. Shell is a top tier gasoline, which I suppose means that they have lots of detergents. And maybe lots of money to obtain the top tier designation.

If you look at all the tire industry trade magazines and look at all the ads for Nitrogen Machines, the primary pitch for all of them is “Increased Profit Generators”.
If that wasn’t the case, these machines would barely exist.

No one in the automotive tire business is pushing nitrogen because they believe it’s good for your tires.

Nitrogen in your fuel is a marketing gimmick and nothing more.

Nitrogen in your tires only makes sense if you race on a closed track and have racing wheels. In order to get all the air out and replace it with pure Nitrogen, each of your wheels would need two valves. Racing wheels have two valves on each of them for this reason.

The next time someone tries to sell you Nitrogen for your tires, ask how they are going to get all the air out with only one valve stem on each wheel.