Nitrogen in tires



Lately I’ve heard people discussing the use of nitrogen in tires to improve mileage. Is this so? What are the disadvantages of nitrogen?


Check last weeks posts. Lots of nitrogen advice


Please tell us what information you need that is not already covered by all the discussions you’ll find if you search using the keyword “nitrogen”.


running the recommended pressure of ANY compressed gas is better than either too much or too little of same gas. it is up to YOU what you want to do with the type, which type, and whether to use one over another. there are no disadvantages to using nitrogen… no advantages either, unless you are into formula 1


There is absolutely nothing about nitrogen that will increase mileage in any measurable way. NOTHING.

While it is good, the difference in a passenger car is strictly theoretical it will not be of any real benefit.

In short if someone wants to do it for free, great, if they want to charge you even a little, don’t bother.

It is done strictly as a sales gimmick.


There are no advantages – none – to be had by filling your tires with nitrogen.