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Nisson Pathfinder timing belt or chain in 2001 v6

I just took my Pathfinder in for a “100,000 mi.” checkup and the service writer (at a what I now think was a ‘fake dealership’) told me that the '01 is the “older style” and has a timing chain (not a belt) and that “it will last forever, unlike the belt” so… does the '01 have a chain and what’s the expected life and if it goes will it “dump the valves” into the pistons or some other major engine problem?

What size is the engine? I think the 3.3L used a belt and the 3.5L used a chain. If it is a chain you normally don’t have to do anything with them. I’m not sure about that, and you should find out - but I would figure they wouldn’t be turning away work.

If it has a timing chain, the chain won’t fail but the plastic timing chain guides/tensioner can fail. When this happens the plastic breaks apart, falls down between the timing chain and the crankshaft gear causing the chain to jump off the gear.


The 01 has the 3.5L which uses a chain.

Dumping the valves is caused by a interference engine who’s belt breaks or the chain slips. A belt needs to be replaced every 100k miles. A chain about every 250k miles. Changing a belt my 98 pathy is easy…The chain would be a LOT more complicated.

thanks; I’m studying the owners manual to figure out which engine… seems from the look of the air filter housing that it’s the one with the chain. appreciate the response. don kalscheur, visiting san diego from cold wisconsin