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Nissan Xterra acceleration problem

My 2003 Xterra has been a great car. Few problems until last year I had to have the timing belt replaced (at 120,000 miles no biggie), the day that I got back from Iraq. Thanks Murphy. Well everything has been great since then until a couple of weeks ago I started noticing some acceleration problems. When I press on the accelerator, especially when the car is cold, it will rev, pause, then resume normal accleration. I would like to point out that the whole car pauses, not just the reving. Mechanics seemed stumped and I would rather know what to tell them to do rather than let them dig around and charge me a bunch. Thanks for any help that you can give.


This Has An Automatic Transmission, Correct ? Is It A CVT ? It’s Not A Manual ?

Have you checked the level of the transmission fluid follwing the procedure outlined in the Owner’s Manual ?