Nissan xterra 2001 smoking

My Nissan xterra 2001 is smoking after turning off engine. Thermometer is showing normal temp. Check engine light is blinking.

Smoking… Cigarettes? Dope?

(tell us where it’s smoking from, maybe? :wink: )

It Could Be Leaking Oil Burning Off Which Could Start A Fire. Are You Sure It Isn’t Steam From Hot Coolant Leaking Or Being Forced Out By An Over-Heating Engine?

You’ll need to let it cool down completely and check to be sure all fluids are up to near “Full”.
Until you figure it out, driving the vehicle could be dangerous or lead to engine damage or exacerbate damage that has occurred.


A blinking check engine light means you have a misfire. This is very bad for your cat converter. Driving the car for any length of time will dump unburned gasoline into the exhaust, overheat and ruin the converter. Is the smoke coming from the engine or underneath the car? If underneath it is the catalytic converter overheating, do not drive the car at all. Get it towed to a shop.

It is smoking on the top right hand side.

Open the hood and see if you can spot an oil leak. It could be as simple as someone forgot to put the oil cap back on after adding oil.
If you find a lot of oil saturating the engine you may just want to have it towed…as it could start a fire and the whole car could go up in smoke.
Because the engine light is blinking it would be better to have it towed anyway and let a mechanic find the problem. Running it with the blinking light could do catastrophic damage to the engine.