Nissan truck tires


Hi all,

I have a chance to get four 215/75/15

tires from a friend.

Now I am running 235/75/15 on my 93 nissan hardbody pickup (thats also whats on the door sticker). Could I run these size tires on my truck without to much problem?



In addition to making sure they will fit your rims (check tire rack on-line or to see if the size will fit.

In addition to size make sure the load ratting will handle your truck.


Since your door placard says P235/75R15, they do not have enough load carrying capacity and should not be used.


Sam, the 215 means the width of the tire is 20mm slimmer(cross section) than the 235 tire (posted on the door). In most cases, this has no effect on load capacity. In fact, many heavy-cargo vans have thinner tires than passenger vans, because the the thinner tire has lower bead-to-rim angle. The thinner tire(215) will also be a little lower profile(road to rim) so your truck will run a bit lower. I wouldn’t worry about a safety issue(as far as weight) although you may get a little less cornering traction.


Smaller tires can make your steering react too quickly and make handling unstable. It may not happen but it could and it will throw your speedometer off and make you think the gas mileage has improved.


The tires will probably work fine…but I’m NOT sure. They are going to be skinner and shorter…but less then 2 inches. The biggest problem would be handling. It will handle different. Not saying this is bad…just that it’s different.


I’m sorry, but you have this load carrying capacity all confused.

A P235/75R15 has 280# more load carrying capcity PER TIRE than a P215/75R15. So using the tires the OP wants to use, the vehicle would lose 1120 # load carrying capacity.