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Nissan smart key

I have a 2009 Altima with a smart key system. I bought a new key fob and took it to a locksmith to get it programed. He hooked his computer to it and couldn’t get it to connect. He went and got another computer and had problems getting it to connect. When he finally got it to connect to the car the old key no longer worked. If you put the key in the port you can turn on acc but that is it. The car was towed to the dealer ship and they cannot get their computer to connect to the car. At one time when the locksmith was trying to get the computer to connect he said something about what if I tell in Japan instead of US. The dealer has had the car since wed be fore thanksgiving. and it is sunday. Any suggestions?

Good luck, these “smart” key systems are getting more and more complicated. Get ready for a pretty hefty bill from the dealer when it comes time to pick up your car.

From A 12/15/08 Nissan TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) Written For Nissan Technicians That Covers All Models With Intelligent Keys:

CAUTION: Before starting any I-Key registration procedures:
#1: The vehicle battery voltage must be at and remain above 12.4 volts during the procedure.
#2: The transmission selector lever must be in the Park position for A/T & CVT vehicles or in the Neutral position for Manual transmission vehicles.
#3: “Wiggle” the steering wheel back and forth to make sure the steering lock is not bound-up on the column, and then release the Steering Lock.
#4: Proceed with I-Key registration.
If these steps are not followed before I-Key registration is started electronic damage to the Steering Lock may occur.