Nissan skylines



Im looking at possibly buying a nissan skyline R33 or R32. It would already be in the U.S., so i wouldn’t have the importing pains. Does anyone know the reliability of these cars and their engines w/ around 70,000 miles? Thanks!!


I don’t know specifically how reliable they are, but I would bet any Skyline has been driven stupidly hard, so you’d be taking a big risk buying a used one. Also, parts would be very expensive, as would servicing, seeing as they aren’t sold new in North America, as far as I know. Also, since most if not all of the parts would be coming from Japan, you’d likely have to wait a while for parts to arrive.

That said, if you have the extra money, time and mechanical skills and know-how, it could be a fun car. But still, you’d be taking a big risk, I think.


That depends on the conditions. Some of R33s might still be remaining drivable. Either way, you’d better avoid any R32.


Call a parts place and ask how much a starter or alternator costs. If it is an outrageous price I would definitely stay away from that car. It’s probably no more than the other Nissans but who wants to be surprised?


Good luck finding one that hasn’t been riced out and/or been flogged to death.


Almost forgot, if the car doesn’t have an American equivalent, you won’t know which oil filter or whatever will fit the car. You will be subjected to guesswork on top of guesswork. Don’t break down in L.A. either. It was handy to have a Tempo that needed a fan motor in L.A. The guys found me the whole shroud assembly with motor and fan in a junkyard. I really needed the fan because the old one was rusted onto the motor BAD. Common hardware really helps. $75 and 25 was for the time it took to go get it.


Thanks for these ideas. I’m looking into items just to see what the car needs. Some good thoughts before I buy something that I can’t fix.