Nissan sentra

1994 sentra electrical short

e-light,engine light flicker

auto seat belt jammed, easy fix?

What is this, Repair Haiku?

We can’t know if it’s an easy fix unless you give us more detail. A lot more detail.


  • electrical short [/b] Where how did you determine it?


  • e-light [/b] Have it checked for what triggered the light. Post the code like [P12340] not an English translation.


  • auto seat belt jammed [/b] Is this a seat belt that attaches itself rather than you clicking it in place?

thats all i know,the car is for sale on craigslist
just thought id throw it out there,she only wants
800.00 for it

You’re kidding I hope. You saw this vehicle on Craigslist for $800 with these problems and you’d like us to try to diagnose them over the internet?

I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. If you were to uy the vehicle we’d be happy to help you try to walk through the steps to find the sources of the problems. But in all honesty, this vehicle’s only value now is by the pound to the scrapman. $800 asking price is a really good clue that this vehicle would cost more to fix than it’s worth. Probably way more.

This is a very easy fix.

Walk away from this deal, buy a different car that does not have known problems like this, but have the car evaluated by a mechanic of your own choosing prior to purchase, in order to detect latent problems.

The seat belt should not be that big a deal.
You’re referring to a flickering e-light, engine light flicker which is something I can’t interpret based on those few words.

Making a wild stab at this I might guess this flickering engine light is a flickering oil pressure light.
If that’s the case then this often means big, expensive trouble and this 800 dollar car is worth a 100 if you can fix it yourself.

It’s also quite possible that if the light in question is the oil pressure light the seller sort of knows what this means and is trying to dump the car off on someone who may not be aware of a potential serious problem.

…or the “flickering” engine light might actually be a blinking Check Engine Light.
One man’s flicker might be another man’s blink–if you get my drift.

In any event, I really hope that the OP decides to pass on this deal.
More than likely, he would wind up spending about twice the purchase price over the next year, just to keep the thing running.

Me too. This deal is a disaster looking for a person to happen to.