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Nissan Sentra Starting Problem

I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra that has been very reliable since we bought it. However, today when my wife tried to drive to work she could not start the car. I went to try it myself and it would not start. The engine does not turn over, you only hear a steady clicking or clacking sound. The interior lights, radio work so I do not believe it is the battery. Am curious what this might be and if it is something that I can fix? Are there other steps I can take to perhaps get a better diagnosis of the problem? Thank you readers for your time and assistance.

It likely is the battery or the charging system. Your symptoms of the starter clicking is usually from a dead battery. All you interior gadgets(radio, lights, etc.) will work with a discharged battery because they don’t draw as much amperage as the starter. Charge the battery and get the battery checked as well as charging system. Then you’ll know where to start as far as what needs repair.

Sounds like a discharged/dead battery. The lights and radio can still work with a weak/failing battery. Is this the original battery? If so, it’s 5 or 6 years old and probably due for replacement. Have the battery tested at a auto parts store (Autozone, Advance, etc).

Ed B.