Nissan sentra 2016

i opened up the glove box to access the air filter, i had to take out three screws and the box popped out. only problem now is that i cant screw it back in, i tried pushing it in and screwing one of each of the screws in but its just not working. now the whole glove box is just hanging out and its rly annoying bc it wont go back in. does anyone know how to fix this?

I think there is 6 screws. 3 on the bottom and 3 on top. try putting the bottom ones in first and that will help line up the top screws. also you can try putting in a awl or a nail in one of the holes to center the hole and try putting a screw in one of the holes. sorry I could not be of more help, but maybe others will be.

Over the internet the best I can offer is reverse what you did to remove it. Not much help but then I can’t see it, can’t see what you might have dislodged or are doing wrong.

What do you mean “screwing one of each of the screws in but its not working”? The screws won’t fit, or the screws won’t hold?

one more thought if you have not fixed it. if you are saying the inside of the glove box is moving while you are trying to put the screws in. try wedging something behind the glove box temporarily to push it forward. then try to put the screws in.

I imagine there is a strip with receptacles on it and it fell off. Nut plate clips? Time for a magnetic search maybe.

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You will probably find your answer in the owner manual. Its probably hiding somewhere in your glovebox


oh yeahhhhhh i forgot abt that thing

they dont reach the hole that they were screwed out of so it doesnt grip obviously so i was ultimately asking how to get it back in its original spot to screw it in

Keep fiddling with it until it the cover seats correctly. Sometimes this takes some effort. It isn’t upside down, is it? I can’t see it from here.

Does the dash need to get popped back into place?

no the dash is fine its just the glove box and the thing that holds the glove box in

yes it needs to be popped back into place but i dont wanna brake ittttttt

Mallet fisted guy I am I would beat the dash back in so he screws can reach. Not saying that is the best answer, just what I would do

Not to be captain obvious but something is in the way and needs to be identified and moved back out of the way. A strong light and a good mirror have always been helpful to me.

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yeah. i finally looked at it 5 mins ago and took out the screws at the bottom and it was able to pop into place. when i was first doing it i didnt realize that the screws on the bottom would matter