Nissan sentra 1999 ratling noise - need help

Following is the video of the noise. It comes from under the hood on passanger side. Car drives perfect wondering what this noise could be?;_ylt=AhofJN.Kj7FuwQ.olB7tes_M_Nw4?qid=20150724165655AA8Xo0g

Have attached video this posting aswell.


Sounds like either a tensioner bearing or accessory bearing. A mechanics stethoscope could help you pin point the problem.|Base&gclid=CjwKEAjwxMetBRDJx6Sz2p7DsQ0SJADJHAqNXt9UdoTiRzHGaadEpaqdjDzxDdpKP78FASsjQeCZORoCa1Xw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

I didn’t attempt to listen to your attachment, as sounds posted here rarely are helpful. For diagnostic purposes the sound made isn’t as informative as where the sound is coming from. A good way to narrow down the location of the sound source is to listen through a 2-3 foot length of garden hose, aiming the other end at various places in the engine compartment.

It sounds like a squeaky bearing.

I tried to listen the noise more carefully. I left the hood open and turned on car. There was no noise for a while. After sometime the fans came on and the noise started coming. With the garden hose i tried to find where the noise was coming from it sounded like it wss from passenger side fan. After sometime when the fan turned off the noise stopped. Some time later the fan came on and noise wasn’t there. Fan went off just like earlier and some time later there was noise but no fan turning on. So i got confused if it was really from fan or no. Can someone explain where the noise might be coming from ?

I will try to hear it again later today to understand the source of noise more.

Guys thanks for the comments so far. I am out of options here. Let me if any more thoughts on this. Somewhere on google i read it might be related to radiator fan. May be its bearing. Do you think that might be the case. And how to fix it is it a lot of work? Can i leave it as is?

If it is the radiator fan . . . no, you can’t “leave it as is”

If it is the fan bearing, the blades can “walk” on the shaft and hit the radiator core, causing damage