Nissan Sentra 1998 starter Help!

My car died yesterday, bad starter. It is parked at work. I do not have towing. Are there auto repair shops that actually would send someone out to replace it and does anyone have an approx cost? Thank you so much.

what are the symptoms?

how have you come to the conclusion it is the starter?

most shops will not send a tech to your car, but will get it towed to their shop (which is coincidentally where all their tools are)

any friends who are mechanically inclined to help on sunday?

but before you start throwing parts and $$ at it, make sure it’s the starter.

Thank you. I had two people listen to it and it makes that click sound. I have been having trouble starting it for a few days.

I am also very new in the area and no friends nor family around.

I agree with Cappy. How do you know it is the starter? Did it go up in smoke? The usual symptoms of a bad starter can be caused by several things. Don’t go replacing a starter or telling someone to replace the starter until you know that is really it.

There are some places that do have mobile service, but I doubt if you are going to find one of them to do the work in a parking lot, they want, and should have, that lift back at the shop to make the job a lot easier.


Thank you, Joe and Cappy. What are the usual symptoms? And how can I be sure they won’t take me for a ride?

it would be possible it is the starter. but it is possible that it is a dead battery. BUT, if it is a dead battery, then you must ensure the charging system is ok too. there may be enough juice to turn on the inside dome light, but not enough juice to get the starter going.

if you are unable to help diagnose, then you probably have no other recourse but to take it to a shop.

but you need to get it trouble shot at a shop so that the correct repairs are decided and done.

have you had to get the battery jumped lately or ever?

when you drive at night are the lights as bright as they usually are?

a quick check with a voltmeter could help determine the voltage in the battery. but that is sort of hard to do over the 'net.

The battery is fairly new and I also had it jumped yesterday to no avail. Thank you for all of your help. I will call around to see what local mech shop would be willing to tow it. Have a great day, you guys and enjoy the weather. I’m in Michigan and things are looking up!

Dear Cappy, never had it jumped. It’s a pretty new batt, about 9 months old. Lights are bright. Should I have them ck it first with the voltmeter while I am witness?

no actually it needs a battery load test. a good shop will do this too.

sorry, but it sounds like a trip to the shop is in order.

You might try cleaning the battery connections first before calling for help. They may be corroded. Even if they look ok there can be a problem making the starter work since it draws a high current.

You will probably never find a traveling mechanic. especially for a Sentra. Make sure your battery connections are clean and snuggly tight. If the battery connections are too corroded you wont even be able to jump start the car. If you can navigate to this website, you are smart enough to clean your own battery cables. Go to a reputable parts store and ask them for the tools to clean battery. They can tell you how to (Specifically for your car) while they are getting you the proper tools to clean with. In an extreme case you would have to jump start the car after cleaning because the alternator has not been able to send a charge to the battery.
Also, do yourself a favor and take the car to a reputable shop if the above doesn’t work. Never take your car to a dealership or chain/convenience repair shop. You will never have enough money to satisfy them.

Settle down there, turbo. The starter is not going to go up in smoke when it goes bad.

Thank you, all. I just love Car Talk! I will let you how know how it turns out.