Nissan PU oil starvation

While coming down Pikes Peak I had it in 1rst for engine braking and it sounded like it had just dropped its load of oil - noisy lifters maybe mains too. I can’t imagine Nissan designing a 4 wheel drive without a baffle in the oil pan. Even after - running on level for a period of 20/30 seconds it then regained lubrication. Now it sounds noisier than before in normal driving. Any comments / ideas? I want to sell this but now I have a moral dilemma in telling the potential buyer about it.

Probably the lack of oil might have done some damage to the engine.

What was the oil level???


I’m having an impossible time seeing this being Nissan’s fault in any way whatsoever. You’re essentially saying that any Nissan pickup that goes down a steep grade is going to suffer engine damage due to oil slosh.

How many Nissan pickups (sticking to one brand here) go down steep grades every day?
How many Nissan pickups have gone down the Pikes Peak road with no problem?

Some more info on the truck may help.
Year, mileage, regularity of oil changes, and a few other questions such as how many RPMs was this truck turning going downhill and where was the red oil pressure light in all of this?

You state it had noisy lifters. Noisy lifters do not appear instantly. There has to be a lead-in to that problem.