Nissan pickup bogging out on acceleration

Here’s my problem, when coming to a stop rpms drop low like truck is gonna die then goes back up. I I usually have to keep pressing gas to keep it from potentially dieing. I take off from complete stop truck starts to bog out I push in clutch and release and it goes normal as rpms go up then Boggs out again almost like its running out of gas. If I stay hard on the accelerator when taking off from dead stop it will bog out and sometimes backfire.

I changed spark plugs, made no difference.

It would be nice to know the year of this pickup, but generally, backfiring when you try to accelerate is due to fuel starvation. Fuer filter, fuel pump, vacuum leaks. plugged injectors, on a carburated car, plugged jets, low float setting or ruptured accelerator pump diaphram.

Maybe you are beginning to see why the year matters.

Its a 92, also it has been sitting for past 3 years.

The problem might be caused by a dirty/defective mass airflow sensor.

On my 95 Nissan pickup, The MAF sensor was so dirty that when you stepped on accelerator, the pickup couldn’t get out of its own way.

Remove the MAF sensor, and try cleaning it with MAF sensor cleaner to see if it helps.

It made a big difference on my Nissan pickup.


It could be a lot of different things, so I’d start with maintenance items first to see if it helps, things like a new fuel filter, a clean air filter, etc. Then I’d look at non-maintenance repairs, like clogged fuel injectors, a dirty throttle assembly, the fuel pump, etc.

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Check engine light?

On my 92 Corolla there’s a separate idle speed adjustment screw I need to set during tune-ups to prevent similar problems. Base ignition timing is also important. The engine computer relies on those both being set correctly, and the drivability is quite sensitive to those settings being off. So the first step is to make sure both the idle rpm and base (idle) ignition timing is correct.