Nissan pathfinder xe

i have been looking at a vehicle that is listed for sale by an ind. i am wondering if it is a good buy. it is a 1991 nissan pathfinder, v6, 4dr, 4wd…it is a one owner and the lady that owns it states that she bought it new in 91. it has approx 204,000. miles on it and a messed up rt front passenger light and fender (she states someone hit in on the st?). the vehicle is red and looks good…it is fun to drive and she states that she had to speccial order the vehicle as a 5 spd…is this vehicle worth 1800.00 and what about gas mileage? she states miles are mostly free way…small prob w/struts/allign?..and i smelled coolant after a short dr…she has it in fair cond…dor locks may need a fuse? semms like bluebook shows 1400. to 1800.???

need help in bama!


Your best bet would be to see if the seller will allow you to take it to a mechanic to evaluate its condition. He can tell you what repairs might be necessary and how much it will cost and if the vehicle is worth it. Expect to pay the mechanic for his time.

If the seller will not allow a mechanic to check the vehicle, then I would walk away from the deal.

$1800 is insane for any vehicle with 240k miles AND 17+ years old and further damage to it. RUN!

Blue book is for car sellers to show the poor buying suckers so they overpay.