Nissan Pathfinder motor oil

So I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with 112k miles on it and was wondering what’s the best motor oil to put in it also I live in New Mexico

The proper weight is reflected on the oil cap.

The brand? Get the cheapest you can find. Just make sure the container has this symbol.


SN is the latest designation. The weight (viscosity) will depend on what you want to do with the vehicle. For normal driving a 5W30 will suffice. I would stay away from 0W20 oils since they are synthetic and very thin, and this vehicle will likely “use oil” with this weight. You won’t get any extra life out of the engine at this stage.

If you have the owner’s manual it likely won’t mention any of these ultra light grades since they were not formulated yet in 1993…

If you were across the border in Mexico they would simply put in 20W50 (ask irlandes), which is way to thick for your use.

If I were towing a trailer I would go for 5W40 synthetic (expensive) as having the best load capacity. Heavy duty trucks use 15W40 but that’s for diesels.

What have you been using up until now? If you got it to 112K, why change?

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From what I can find you use 5W-30. I use brand-name oil, change it at 5000 or so, you’ll have no problems.

Why are you asking?