Nissan Pathfinder four wheel drive not working

I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE sports utility. Every time I try to use my four wheel drive the indicator light flashes . It use to work now and then but not anymore I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to troubleshoot ? I had it repaired before and from what I could remember they were saying it was an electric motor not working but several months later it stopped working again been several months since I tried to do something about it. Trying to fix everything wrong with it.

register in site, post your question there

they also have a section with downloads, I was able to get a complete set of dealer repair manuals from there

the download is limited to something like 5 files per day, you will need the one for “TF/Transfer”, still it’s a good idea to download all 40+

I tried everything on the owners manual

Josh, it will not be covered in owner’s manual, you have to go for dealer’s repair manual.

Here is what you are supposed to find:

If this is above your head, look for a different / more professional repair shop.