Nissan or Toyota

I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla S with 237000 haven’t really had any major problems. I also have a 2005 Nissan Altima SL 3.5 V6 with about 130000. No problems with this one either. I need to get rid of one of them. My plans are to drive one of them another 3 -4 years and then buy something new. Which one should I keep? Does anyone know of any issues that I haven’t had on either car that may come up down the road. I know no one has a crystal ball but I want to keep the one that in General will be more reliable.

Given those options…I’d keep the Nissan.
Newer and less miles, therefore with a longer projected life expectency.

Unless the unknown side of the equation is money.
You’ll get less for the older and more for the newer.

Keep the Nissan.

Put them both on craigslist and keep the one that does not sell first.

Money really isn’t the issue. I like the Corolla better but I’m worried about the mileage. Will the Corolla really last another 60000 or so without any major issues

I kinda like twotone’s idea, but here are my thoughts: Have you had both these cars since they were new? You seem to be doing a lot of driving - your average is about 35,000 miles per year on the two cars combined! If your driving habits are going to stay the same I would keep the Nissan.

If you can somehow cut down to 10-12,000 miles per year for the next four years I would be tempted to keep the Toyota though (get more money for the Nissan now, pay less in insurance and gas for the next four years, truly “use up” a car’s useful life, etc.).

The oldest, highest mileage Corolla I ever rode in was a late 80s model with 1.4 MILLION!! kilometers (875,000 miles) on it. It was a diesel model and used as a taxi. Aside from the crummy seats, it ran fine and the owner/driver said it was reliable and had the original engine.

Your Corolla will likely rust out before it becomes unreliable.

I had the Nissan new. The Corolla I bought from my brother when it had around 100000. I do drive a lot and my driving will stay the same. Has there been any problems reported on either car like transmission or electrical or engine problems that are typical of either car?

Nissan. Toyotas are really no better than anything else out there and who can say what will need to be repaired in the future on it. No one can determine ahead of time if the belt will break and trash the engine, the trans will go, and on and on.

Both are good, reliable cars, but the newer car with fewer miles likely has more life left in it. Nicer car to drive, too.