Nissan misses when warm

Have a 1996 Nissan P/U with 250k miles, the engine starts up fine and runs ok till it comes up to operating temperature, then it starts surging/missing and will not go above 3k rpm with or without a load on it. Misses badly when you floor it when it?s warmed up. Does not give any codes and I have replaced the following items with no luck: Cap, Rotor, Coil, ING Module, & Fuel Filter. Plugs are fairly new (less then 6months) along with plug wires, & air filter. Also have cleaned and tested the MAF sensor & it?s connector. Get 1.5 volts at idle and 3 volts around 3k rpm. Any ideas on what I may have missed?



Check the coolant temp sensor for the computer.


What is the fuel pressure reading at idle and at 3k rpm? What does the fuel pressure do when you floor it?

Post back when you solve this problem.