Nissan headlight problem

So when I bought my car the front right headlight was out, and also the car had been hit on the right side a year ago or so. I figured it was just an out light but the car is only 3 years old. So in June I bought some HIDS for my car and now I’ve had them for 3 months and the right one just went out. I turn it on, it flickers a bit. Then goes completely black. Could it be that some of my wiring could have been affected when it was previously hit and should I take it to the dealership without paying a million for some of the crazy things you pay for.

Car: Nissan Altima 2009 2.5s Base 4dr

Thanks for the help!

The HID controller/ballast may have been damaged when the accident occured.

Here’s how to get at the controller/ballast.


Nooo, the HIDS were put in after the wreck. I bought the car after the wreck and then put the HIDS in because one of the normal car lights were out