2008 Nissan Altima - major issue

This car has been amazing - no problems at all. have 112,000 on it - only minor things like tires, oil changes, so far. I drove through a severe thunderstorm a week ago Friday night - parked and went in house. The next day no start no inside lights no nothing on the car - only brake lights - no sounds of life at all. We talked to many people and ended up towing to Nissan. They have been looking for 1 day and 1/2 and can’t find it. They are puzzled and continue to look. Even thinking lightning could have been culprit. Anyone that can share light on this - I would so appreciate it.


Here’s a simple question

How old is that battery?
If it’s 5 years old, or more, it should be replaced, regardless of it it still tests good.

Can the dealer scan tool communicate with the car?
Are all the fuses good?

Is the engine control module getting power and ground?

Can the mechanics even crank the engine over manually . . . with a breaker bar?

Battery bought in Dec 2012 - not the battery
They can’t even scan and fuses good so far
They have not been able to crank her yet that I know of
Have you seen this happen before

they are calling in Foreman on Monday for help?


Like I said, if I were them, I’d check the power and ground for the engine control module

If that’s no good, you’re dead in the water, so to speak

Hopefully they are diagnosing this problem logically and systematically.

At least they are getting the foreman involved

Good luck, and let us know what happens, please

Thanks so much. I appreciate it and thanks again

This sounds like an electrical problem. From your description, you drove through the storm, parked the car and shut off the engine. It doesn’t sound like a hydraulic lock where water is drawn into one or more of the cylinders and of course, water can’t be compressed. I say this because you say that the lights won’t work and hydraulic lock wouldn’t cause the lights not to work.
I wonder about the competence of the mechanics at your local dealer if they have spent a day and a half and not located the problem. It also may be possible that the car hasn’t even been examined yet. I would think that a good technician should be able to trace down the problem in an hour or less.

M husband is going by there tomorrow and see what he can find out. I had such a hard time deciding whether to take to dealer or not but everyone said if it needed reprogramming, to take there. so unfortunately at this point, it is there. Anything you think I can do or say to them, I would love the advice. Thank you so much and I agree, I do believe it is electrical. Could the storm actually cause something like this to happen?

The problem might be with the Intelligent Power Distribution Module. Everything in the vehicle electrical is controlled thru this module. Even the computer.


It is not out of the question that a control module needs a software update.

I am assuming the husband is going to the dealer after the shop foreman has had a chance to play around, so to speak . . .

“Could the storm actually cause something like this to happen?”

It’s Certainly A Possibility. Insurance Companies Are Familiar With Car Lightning Strikes And The Resulting Fried Electronics.