Nissan Cube and Mudguards - opinions needed

I will be picking up my new 2009 Nissan Cube, next week. I told the Manager that I would like him to throw in mudguards (as I have developed “OCD” regarding rust prevention). He proceeded to explain and show me, that because of the design of this vehicle> the way the area of the wheel well is lower, etc…one cannot put mudguards…(hmmmm?)

I seem to remember reading, on some forum for Cube owners, that some people had indeed installed some mudguards on their Cubes.

I would greatly appreciate any information, and your opinions with regards to putting mudguards on in order to have more rust prevention (re my last recent posting(today), explaining my need, of making sure that my Cube does NOT rust!)


Unless you live in a heavily salted area of the country (NE or maybe near the ocean), I really wouldn’t think rust would be much of a risk on a modern vehicle. I’m also not sure mudflaps would do much good in rust prevention, let alone look attractive on a Cube.

Those are my own personal tastes, though. Having always lived in the South my entire life, I don’t have much personal experience with vehicles rusting out. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes…I feel like this because of my past car, and because >>>I DO live in a big city, in the N.E., in Canada…

Perhaps just some universal flat splash shields can be installed with some trimming and drilling needed, not a ready to go kit.

The lowness of the vehicle and the resulting low guards is totaly up to you. Be careful when BACKING the car into driveways, over curbs and such, this is where the low guards will get in the way.

( I personally have ripped off two or three that way but I just reinstall them and slap myself on the forehead “hey stupid, remember the mud flaps” )

Should you decide to install aftermarket mudguards, let me suggest that when you drill the screw holes you paint the holes with touchup paint before installing the screws. I started doing this many years ago and it truely does prevent the holes from becoming a starting point for rust. I even installed right-side flag mirrors on teo pickups this way. One I had for 11-1/2 years and the other for over 17 years, and neither ever began to develop rust at the mirror screwholes, and that’s a common psot to develop rust on aftermarket mirror installations.