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Nissan Bluebird trans fit a laurel c 34

Could a Nissan bluebird Manuel trans fit in a c34 Nissan Laurel???

Neither of those cars are sold in the US under those names.

We do have a few members of this forum that live outside North America but you chances of getting an answer would be better on a Nissan forum.

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What I can find out is that a RB transmission is the easiest swap on these cars. Think R33 Nissan Skyline for example.

I’m guessing you don’t live in one of the 50 states?

Heck, I can’t even pick out a Nissan from a row of 3 parked cars and I’ve never heard of a “Nissan bluebird” or a “c34 Nissan Laurel,” but in the U.S.A. we sometimes defer those questions to a salvage yard (junk yard, used auto parts business, auto recycling yard). They often have access to that information. Hope that helps!
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What year Bluebird? Is it FWD or RWD? What engines are in the Bluebird and Laurel?