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Nissan Altima 2005

I bought a Nissan Altima recently. slams (hard) when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.

Anys suggestion

For Your Information :
If I Were You . . .

. . . I’d go to a reputable Nissan dealer where they have access to a Nissan Technical Service Bulletin ( Classification #AT04-014 Reference # NTB05-001 ) issued in January of 2005 that helps Nissan technicians diagnose and correct " 4 - Speed Automatic Transmission Harsh 1 -2 Shift And / Or DTC PO745 Stored " .

If they confirm that the trans fluid isn’t burned and the level is correct and / or a diagnostic trouble code, that’s the DTC PO745 (line pressure solenoid circuit) is stored, then the bulletin outlines the “fix” including several pages of beautiful color photos and instructions.

Basically they’ll drain the fluid, pull the pan off the bottom, and either resolder a line pressure solenoid terminal or replace the solenoid itself, whichever is necessary. Additionally, they’ll replace the pan gasket, all 21 pan bolts, and about 4 quarts of fluid. [b]Voil? !

Good Luck ! [/b]