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Nissan 300zx Gas Tank Leaking

I have a 300zx Twin Turbo 1993, the gas tank is leaking gas. I just want to know how to repair it. Or is it good idea to replace it?

Thank you!

depends why it is leaking and your plans for the car.If you just want to get a little more time out of a rusty tank use an epoxy repair kit, Napa sells a good one. If it’s keeper get a new tank or a rust free southern tank. If it’s just a small puncture in a otherwise good tank use J B Weld.

Jb cold weld is plumbers epoxy…just get some of that and slap it on there. I had a car that was covered in that stuff. Saw a hole and popped some epoxy on it.

Is the car, by any chance, lowered? I see a lot of import sports cars that get slammed to the pavement. Then when you go over bumps, you scrape the gas tank. Eventually you wear a hole in it. If your car is lowered, it may well be lowered too much. You’ll want to put it back to factory height (or a less extreme drop) before you drive it on the repaired/replaced tank or you’ll just do it again.