Nissan 2013 Altima (2.5 SL CVT) - Deceleration Bucking/Lurching Problem

I purchased a 2013 Nisan Altima this past October 2012. It drove beautifully the first several months until early Spring 2013 when upon deceleration (without use of brakes) the car would lurch/buck moderately to violently. It happens occasionally when I’m slowing as I approach a stop sign or to increase distance between me and a car that has moved into the lane ahead of me; it happens between 40 and 30mph down to 30 and 20mph respectively. When it happens, it feels like the front brakes have locked (but haven’t). To address it, I have to accelerate or use the brakes. It doesn’t matter if the car is running hot or cold; sometimes it can happen up to 5 times in a day or not at all for weeks. Of course, I’ve taken it back to the dealership twice and each time cannot replicate the problem with a tech sitting in the passenger seat. I have been told that there is nothing to be done, that this is a typical reaction when the CVT I was familiar with in my last car, a Murano, is used in a less powerful car. I expressed my concern that it didn’t start out that way and that it is quite frightening when it occurs, including that friends who have been in the car with me have declared my car unsafe. I was told it was safe. I don’t believe it. It’s frightening, frustrating and embarrassing. What can be done to successfully identify and fix the problem? Do I need to go directly to Nissan corporate? Seeking good advice on how to handle this bad situation.

Does touching brakes lightly fix the issue?

Yes, you need to “kick it up a notch” to the corporate level.
Contact information can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

If this problem has been going on for several months and the dealership has been unresponsive or uncooperative…Why would you NOT refer this problem to the manufacturer?

Apparently Nissan has problems it the CVT tranny no matter the model. It’s all over the web and their fix is a new transmission. Some models are now covered for 10years 120k miles.