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Nissan 1997 S-10

Our little pick-up truck has 206K plus miles on it and when it rains, it doesn’t start and after the rain goes away, the truck is very jittery and jerky. Is this something easy to fix? Is it something that can be fixed? Help!!!

When is the last time you replaced the secondary ignition components? This is what many people call a “tune-up”. You may want to look at the condition of your spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. It sounds as though you may be getting moisture somewhere it doesn’t belong and it is preventing the engine from starting. This is quite common.

Is it a Nissan or is it an S10, its not a Nissan S10, S10 is a GM product. If it is a Nissan Pick Up, the distributor cap would be my first choice, second would be the ignition wires. If it’s an S-10, same parts but in the opposite order.

Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to help me!

YES these guys have it right…what is happening is that condensation is building up inside your distributor cap…and that will make it run like crap. WHen it dries out it is usually fine…SOunds like time for a tune up…Plugs, Dist Cap and rotor, air filter maybe…simple stuff really

Heat attracts moisture. When the atmospheric conditions are just right moisture can be pulled into spark plug boots, inside the distributor cap, etc as the engine cools down.
Seen a window sweat on a cold damp day? Same thing.

If you replace the cap/rotor you might consider every so often (once or twice a year maybe) spraying the cap and wires down with WD-40. This can help to repel moisture.