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Nissa sentra 2010 ECM

Nissan Sentra 2010 ECM

  1. When I tried to start the vehicle, the fuel pump does not make any sound, so i replaced it.
  2. Still doesnt work, they said its the ECM problem.
  3. They said I can buy the second handed part to replace it, So I replaced. but still doesnt works.
  4. The engineer said that the second handed part will not work but only the new one. Which one is the right answer??
    The mechanic said have to get the ECM for Califonia (i live in Texas but i bought my car at Califonia)

I suppose there is a possibility that CA ECM has different programming than 49 state compliance vehicles. But seems it should run either way since ‘Tuners’ modify ECM programs.
I question the competence of both the “they” in points 2&3 and the mechanic in point 4.
Try mechanic files on this site, yelp reviews to find a mechanic for your Nissan or try a Nissan service department.

BTW, did you have a CEL before replacing the old ECM?

The fuel pump won’t turn on if the ecm doesn’t sense the engine is turning. that’s a safety thing so in event of accident the fuel pump stops pumping the gas out of the tank. the ecm determines if the engine is turning using the signal from the crank position sensor. those sensor are pretty common failure items as reported here. ask your shop to double check that part is working. don’t give up the original ecm btw, as it may be the only one that will run your engine, esp with the California-purchase connection. If the crank position sensor isn’t the problem post back and the folks here will do a little more investigating for some other theories. Unless the vehicle has been under-water, or the battery was installed w/reverse polarity or there’s been some improper jump starting, ecm failures like this are pretty rare. It’s easy for a shop to check the crank sensor by cranking the engine while inspecting its signal.