My car is a 1995 Buick regal gran sport with only 64,000 miles. It has been cutting of for 2 years now. It usually cuts off when we slow down. The RPM’s will suddenly drop to zero. We have taken it to 3 different mechanics over the past 2 years and have put in thousands of dollars to fix it (more that it is worth). We always just throw it in neutral and it start back up and keep driving. We were sick of paying to get it NOT fixed so we decided throwing it in neutral is ok. Well now some days it won’t start. It turns over bt won’t fire. Some days it will start. We took it in and got it “fixed” again, but it is still doing the same thing (some days it starts, some not). It still also has the probelem of cutting off while we are driving too. Any ideas?

Without seeing the car, I can only say it sort of sounds like the idle speed control. Try holding down the throttle a bit when you start it, and also when it may be dying. IF that stops it from dying, it will be th4e idle speed control. I hope not, though, because three different mechanics should have spotted an idle speed control problem.

I would tend to agree with irlandes that the IAC (idle air control) motor is defective. If this is the case it does not set a code in the computer so it is not apparent. Still, a competent mechanic should have suspected the IAC.

You can continue you drive with a defective IAC motor without stalling. As you are slowing to a stop, shift into neutral and feed in some more gas. That will keep you from stalling. Be sure you can work both the gas/brake pedals OK for this method. When you are ready, a new IAC motor is not especially expensive and easy to replace.

The starting problem may be due to an entirely different problem. There is not enough information here to even guess.

That’s the big problem with these computer cars…If the mechanic can’t duplicate the problem in his shop, all that’s left is guesswork that you are expected to pay for…

Or here’s an issue…your car makes funny rattling sounds and you take it to the shop and of course it doesn’t happen when you take to the shop…my old car was notorious for that!

Could also be a torque converter clutch not unlocking.
Does it cut out at really low speeds (under 10mph)?

I went through the same thing with my Buick and finally gave up and junked it. If it stumbles some when it dies, I suppose it could be the idle air control, but if it just plain shuts down, this seems to be a GM virus. The normal course of repairs is the crank sensor, fuel pump or circuit, fuel pressure regulator, computer, and possibly the ignition switch. Also could be a bad ground. I did all of the above and gave up. I used to drive it around at night with a fuel pressure tester on it and a test light waiting for it to fail to try and see what it was. The last time it shut off was in front of the dealer on my way to pick up my new car and I never looked back. The best you can hope for is that it will get worse to the point where it can be duplicated in the shop.

How long since the last tune up and the timing was checked?