Nice Vid for endless Winter(Snow) Tire Threads

Thought this would add a clear demonstration on the merits and reason winter tires are highly recommended. Yes you can get by but this demonstrates the difference.


it would be nice to see which tires they were using for each all seasons and winter tires

The winter tires are Nokian’s by tread design (I think Hakka’s) and I saw the word on them. Not sure on all-season.

I don’t think it matters what brand tires are used. It’s a real-world demonstration of the difference in performance between all-season treaded tire and winter treaded tire.


some all seasons are better than others, but i know it is a real life demonstration.

For those who missed it…
…because this is worth seeing.

The FWD section is a very nice demonstration of what why we’re always telling people to put the best tires on the back.

Also, a nice demonstration that all wheel drive vehicles can still benefit from winter tires.