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NIADA Certified?

Has anyone had any experience with buying a NIADA Certified vehicle? I hadn’t heard of it before this car shopping experience, but I can’t find any reviews out there for it that weren’t published by NIADA.

That’s National Independent Automobile Dealers Association…

(I don’t think it’s National Institute of American Doll Artists)

Ebay has a page here

Here is another relevant page.

But are they unbiased? dunno.

Interesting that neither page describing this says how long the ‘protection’ is good for. 1 mile? 10,000 miles? I don’t know. Without specifics about the actual coverage, it’s hard to give this much value.

Those certifications are CRAP. They are only for the completely naive person to make them feel good. Great for the seller because they add another $2000 to the price.

Hmm, the same language in both…that actually makes me trust it less.

Weird that no one out there seems to have much experience with them.

I’m betting this was put together to add some legitimacy to eBay sales. Without detailed paperwork to describe actual benefits it’s worthless.