Nexen tires any good or just cheap?


I am about to need new tires in this size. Nexen NPriz AH5 175/65R14XL 86T BSW

These tires are CHEAP but are they worth buying or a death trap? I have had experiences with some cheap Wal-Mart tires on a used car that about killed me. I would rather be safe then sorry but welcome any opinions here, good or bad.


I had nexen n5000 tires on my previous car, a Hyundai Sonata. The tires performed very well! The treadwear didn’t last long, though.


For this price I wouldn’t be too concerned with long life. I am more concerned if they are SAFE. I want a decent grip and don’t want them to structurally fail at highway speeds like the stupid Douglas Wal-Mart house brand ones did on a used car. I didn’t even think about the tires on that car when I bought it as they looked great with good tread and all but they were junk. I also didn’t know it was a Wal-Mart house brand.

The tire came apart on the highway so I changed to the spare. I got off at the next exit to make sure the spare was aired up. Some guy at the gas station saw the destoryed tire and was like “That is one of those Douglas tires from Wal-Mart. They all do that.” This didn’t make me feel real good since I had another one on the car. I left it for the time being but it became oval pretty quickly after that so they were all changed.

As for the Nexen, some of the tires that wear faster are actually grippier because of their softer rubber so that may not be a bad thing.


I would rely on tirerack and Consumer Reports for actual info on tires, and would probably not choose a model that tirerack does not sell, or did not show up on CR’s test results.


When I shopped a few months ago, the cheapest tires were Sceptor, a Walmart house brand. Nexen made them. They also make expensive tires, some rated by Consumer Reports as okay.


… but if they wear faster, are those cheaper tires really cheaper in the long run?


The UTQG rating indicates that the tires will last a long time, top temperature resistance, and good, if not superior, traction.


It sounds like these aren’t bad tires overall but I am not needing them immediately so willing to do a little more research. I should probably get some on before too long because those winter storms have a tendency to come out of nowhere. I would run them another few months if it wasn’t for that.

Other options include.


Just because a brand makes tires for Wal-Mart doesn’t mean the rest are bad. It is just that the ones sold only at Wal-Mart are usually not of the quality I would prefer. This applies to everything from computers and electronics to mowers and auto parts. Many call their batteries NEVER START.


Didn’t say that.

Then Nexen makes such a tire.

November’s ‘Consumer Reports’ rates the Nexen Aria AH7 6th out of 22 all-season tires.


I put the AltiMAX RT43s on our old van and they performed well.


That’s what’s on our 2007 Town and Country van, about to start their third winter. Very pleased with them. Their better-than-most ice and snow performance, according to CR, plus the local garage’s recommendation, led me to them.


The Nexen and Kuhmo tires I have as options here are both basically the same in price when I look into the details, AKA taxes and shipped.

My GF and I have the same car. The General RT43s seem to have a really good snow and ice rating but a slight loss of fuel economy. The Kuhmo Solos is also rated well but maybe not quite as good in the snow although better for MPG. The Generals are only a few dollars more.

My GF and I have the same car as mentioned. I have a 4WD truck with AT tires to use in the snow while my GF does not. I am thinking about getting the Kuhmo for me and the Generals for my GF.

I had a computer job at an auto body shop today so of course we talked about cars while I was working. I asked them what they thought about Nexen tires. They thought they were OK if you got them cheap enough but they wear out quickly.


You’re on to something there . . . you should talk to a few more mechanics about those tires. You might hear things that CR and tire rack don’t say

An example being my professional experience with Michelin Defender truck tires . . . they have an amazingly short life for fleet use, while the BF Goodrich truck tires last a normal amount of time under the exact same conditions. As far as I’m concerned BF Goodrich 1, Michelin 0