Newspaper column answer regarding seat heater use

Your answer in my July 16 Daily Press, to a question regarding seat heater use while stranded in winter, noted a car battery having a 600 ampere hour capacity. That is high by about a factor of ten, unless the questioner’s car is a hybrid. My own battery doesn’t even vaguely approach that capacity. I don’t know about your specified charging rates, but use of the seat heaters may deplete the battery if the charging rates aren’t as high as you claim.

I agree that seems high for a non-hybrid battery

But not by a factor of ten

A group 49 battery . . . which is a very common size for several european vehicles . . . is often rated at approximately 100Ah

duplicate post.

600 Amps may be CCA: Cold Cranking Amps - what a cold battery can put out briefly to turn over an engine.