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News flash: Pakistani water car breaks laws of physics!

A Pakistani engineer claims to have invented a car that runs on water:

Ummm, sorry. Fail. Pons and Fleischmann, where are you now?

Along that note, I have a really nice vintage bridge for sale in Brooklyn.
It just needs a lick of paint.

Skepticism is healthy. I’d like to know how it’s done as opposed to just hearing “I did it”. Don’t sell they guy short just because he’s from Pakistan. We’ve done that already with the Japanese and Korean car companies. If it’s for-real, he’s got to show how it’s done and repeat the process in other cars. One day we will have economical methods of turning water into oxygen and hydrogen that we can combine to produce power. And we will all need to be dragged kicking and screaming into belief. Me too.

@jtsanders, not selling the guy short because he’s Pakistani. Selling him short because he claims to get more energy out of water than he puts into it. Which Physics 101 says is impossible, regardless of your nationality.

If it is true, it would mean they are breaking the laws of physics. That would be far more important and meaningful than getting more miles out of a gallon of fuel.

Frauds involving cars that run on water have been around for many decades. It is not even possible.

It’s not a fraud. There are cars that run on water. It happens regularly and I have pictorial proof.

The article states that the U.S. taxpayers are coughing up 280 million to the Pakistanis for hydro-electric projects and odds are this guy, and who knows who all else, are bucking for a handout to continue their research; with that word being used pretty loosely.

The guy is unemployed so what better way to set himself up for life than with a fat grant… :slight_smile:

It worked for my oldest son’s college professor whose views on climate went 180 degrees the other way after he was handed 20+ million dollars and a plane ticket… :wink:

I want to be the first to buy the new Hummer H2O!

Yes, he has developed a car that runs on water “by the grace of Allah”… and the cunning of Charles Ponzi.

I’ve attached some photos of other cars that run on water. Of course, you have to heat the water…

Ther’s nothing racist about this; a fraud is a fraud. The “cold fusion” fraud came from the very religious Mormon state of Utah!

Doc, I didn;t mean it that way. I was simply quoting him. IMHO, “backing” his claims with a statement like that is part of his con job.

It worked for my oldest son's college professor whose views on climate went 180 degrees the other way after he was handed 20+ million dollars and a plane ticket.......... ;-)

Yup…The BIG money coming from the oil companies have a great influence in SOME unethical researchers. But one of the biggest skeptics of Global Warming from “Richard A. Muller” who finally received money to do a very detailed study did an about face…and even though the study was backed by the Koch Brothers big oil money still.

If you follow the money…you’ll see that Big-oil spends 10-100 times more trying to disprove global warming…than any other entity.,0,7372823.story

@MikeInNH–One interesting book is “The Great Cholestrol Con” by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. According to Dr. Kendrick, the pharaceutical companies are just as bad as the oil companies. He talks about what really causes heart disease and how to avoid it. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies fund studies to prove that the statins that pharmaceutical companies push provide really small protection for men and none for women.
However, even though studies debunk it, I take my Geritol to try to prolong my life.

I think maybe Pons and Fleischman are hiding in this guy’s garage…

I think this water powered engine might work if only bottled water is used. Of course, bottled water is more expensive per fluid ounce than gasoline even at today’s prices. Of course, road tax would have to be added to the bottled water.

@Triedaq…Yea I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies either…But what gets me is the argument that Big Money is influencing scientists views on Global Warming…When the VAST VAST majority of scientists are believers in Global Warming…but the money funding studies from Oil and Coal companies has outpaced all other funding by MILLIONS AND MILLIONS.

Global Warming…now there’s a good one. In the '70s the same people were telling us to prepare for another ice age!

In the '70s the same people were telling us to prepare for another ice age!

Actually the theory goes…IF the ice-caps melt enough it’ll desalinate the ocean enough to stop the ocean currents. It’s the salt water in the ocean that keeps the currents moving. If the ocean currents stop…it could send Northern Europe into an Ice-age…then some decades later…Northern Asia and Northern part of North America.

Global Warming IS happening…too many indicators to say it’s not…the debate now is NOT that it’s happening…but what is the outcome…Many scientists believe that the world is too much a chaotic system to make any kind of predictions. Many believe the earth will adapt and keep things stable. Many alarmists think our coastal cities will flood and worse case trigger another ice-age. The problem is no one can make any predictions. There are already indicators about global warming reversing itself. My daughter has done a lot of research at MIT and now Harvard graduate school with some very very smart professors. Only a handful have made any predictions. Most don’t think anything will happen to upset humans too much.

The other end of the debate is how much humans have had an effect on Global Warming. That’s been going on for years. Some 30 years ago less then 2% of the climatologists in the world believed humans had any help…now it’s less then 5% believe humans DON’T have a hand. But there’s still a huge debate as to how much of a hand humans have actually had. And will it make any difference. We’ve gone into an ice-age before…thousands of years before industrialized humans.

What I do know…is I like breathing clean air…and drinking clean water. I remember in the 60’s driving through some cities that were filled with smoke. The air inside most buildings was better then the air on the street corners. Check out the lakes in the Catskills or the Adirondacks and count how many are dead from Acid rain that comes from Coal burning plants in the Mid-West. Some areas you’d be hard pressed to even find ONE lake that’s still alive.

I don’t know what’s wrong with a goal of creating a car that can burn super clean. It may take awhile to get there…but I do think it’s possible. I’m NOT with the camp that wants to make immediate changes TODAY…no matter what. I’m also NOT part of the camp that wants to do NOTHING…and HOPE things get better. We took that approach for over 40 years before many cities became unbreathable. Now with some pollution controls on cars and trucks you can actually breath in many cities again.

You’ve articulated a good case beautifully Mike.

I too recall the air above LA being brown and rivers so polluted they were disgusting. The EPA truely has done a wonderful job in making a huge difference. One of my qualms with them is that they have no boundaries beyond which they recognize additional “ratcheting of the crirteria” as being unrealistic or couterproductive. I’ve stated before that I believe 54mpg will only cause more people to hold onto their beaters longer, as it’ll drive up new car costs. Emissions from automobiles are on a downward trend now. Pushing the envelope will cost environmentally. And forcing the replacement of incandescent bulbs with flourescent bulbs containing mercury vapor is analogous to mandating the generation of toxins. Another qualm I have with them is that they know no boundaries. They recently got the Supreme Court to find that they can regulate the output of carbon dioxide, even though the legislation that the EPA was created to administrate does not include CO2 as regulated by the Act. They’re regulating whatever they deem necessary now, Clean Air & Water Act be damned. And, when they divert the development of highways needed to save lives (I93 for example) I have a problem with them.

In short, I too recall polluted air and waterways, and appreciate what they’ve accomplished. But I think they’re out of control.

“Global Warming” is no longer a science. It’s big business and big politics. Earths temperatures have fluctuated widely for its entire life, the last ice age having been within the time of modern humans. Men did, in fact, chow down on wooly mammoths. But the science has become so politicized, the industry so lucrative, and the regulatory body so out of control, that I’m afraid I can no longer consider it a serious science.