Newly Repainted 99 Town Car

I had my '99 Lincoln Town Car repainted on 5/22, with clear top coat and baked finish. How long should I wait to (1) use car wash, and (2) have wax coat applied?? Getting mixed answers from jobber.


I’d wait a couple of months.

Three months is the usual answer. The Toyota dealer said as much when I bought my new 2007 model.

You can wash the car as often as you want. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended after a new paint finish is applied to keep contaminates off the new finish.

But you can’t wax the new finish for at least 90 days.

Wax is a sealer. And it takes at least 90 days for the new paint to fully cure or flash off it’s solvents and adhere properly.


I also agree with the 90 day rule for waxing. Just be careful when you wash the car. Do the washing by hand and no high pressure car washes at all.

Explain the mixed answers from jobber statement.

My vote is with missleman; wash by hand and avoid the high pressure soap at the car wash.

To use the car wash you should wait at least 46 years. They destroy cars.

Tester & Missileman: Thanks…will do.

Volvo V70: Shop owner said OK to wash/wax after 30 days, their paint techcian said 60 - 90 days.