New York State inspections..I failed!

It’s NOT a matter if they matter to him…it’s the FACT the car FAILED inspection because of them…

…her… :slight_smile:

Maybe we Mikes just gotta stick together, but I concur with your rejection of hellokit’s comment.


Because in my life, I have yet to run across a 14 year old car with 145k miles on it that still has the original shocks/struts. I’d be surprised out of my mind if this mechanic’s diagnosis was wrong. And if they are worn out, it DOES affect vehicle safety.

$200/corner is another matter. I tell you, replace the bushings, bearings, boots and struts, and you should be looking at $75/corner for the parts. If this mechanic is charging $200/corner for these parts, it means a boat payment is due.

So take the car in to a windshield repair/replacement place. Again, check around for prices—and warranties. If you can afford it, get a new windshield. The crack/chip repairs are temporary. You’ll need a new windshield sooner or later. Remember Murphy’s Law. It’ll most likely be ‘sooner’. I’m not familiar with NY Inspection Laws specifically, but a lot of States want you to take it back for reinspection to the same place that failed you the first time. So check on this, also. If NY doesn’t have that requirement, and you have a little time, check with other State-sanctioned Inspection Stations. Let your fingers do the walking. Ask relatives and friends for referrals. Make sure that you get along pretty well with them. Some people have been known to carry a grudge about some trivial matter and have just been waiting for payback time. Don’t get snookered into a bad mechanic situation. It’s one heck of a dirty trick, but it HAS been known to happen. You might end up finding a much more reputable (read fair and honest) and more competent mechanic in the bargain. About the windshield. If your vehicle has air conditioning, a windshield shop will ask you about a tinted windshield. That’s not B.S. Most air conditioned car makers highly recommend tinted windshields as it helps cut down on the heat gain inside the vehicle and reducing (however slightly) the operation of the A.C. system.

In the opinion of one mechanic.

Good. Im glad you got out of there. You were smart to be wary of the deal. I hope we helped.

Maybe you should consider moving to a state with no “Safety Inspection”…Motorists in these states somehow survive without having their cars inspected every year…As a matter of fact, most of the no inspection states enjoy a lower accident rate than N.Y.

Tsk, tsk. Fallacious argument. I hate to think what would happen to the accident rate in NY if even worse rolling wrecks were allowed on the road, given our traffic density.