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New York State Inspection

I took our car to an independent station for a NYS inspection. However, it passed the safety but failed the emissions because the OBD Monitor Readiness Status was “Not Ready”

We were hoping that the Check Engine light would not come back on after disconnecting the battery but it did.

So, we are taking it to the toyota dealership to get this emissions problem fixed tomorrow.

I have a NYS Dept of Motor Vehicles Inspection Receipt stating it passed safety and failed emissions. My question, I know if I take it back to the first garage within the 10 days they will not charge me for the inspection. It needs to be inspected by the end of this month.

Question, can I give this NYS Department of Motor Vehicles inspection receipt to the dealership and just have them pass the emissions portion or will they have to do both the safety and emissions inspection and charge us the $21.00 inspection fee.


It’s $21, is it that big? Why not ask them?

I would worry more about what’s causing the check engine light to come on. The repair cost could make the inspection fee seem like the price of a piece of gum, in comparison.
A good garage will do just as much as the dealer, and at a much lower price.
You might go to a chain auto parts store (Pep Boys, Advance, Auto Zone) and get the codes scanned for FREE. Then, you could bring those codes (ex: P0333) here for useful comments.

Ben Franklin said, “A penny saved, is a penny not spent.” [His “penny” equals a couple of dollars, today.]

Thanks for the info. I have already posted the codes and have received valuable info from this forum which is why I am taking it to a very reputable toyota dealership. I love using the independent garages and an independent mechanic but in some cases, like this, I am more confident using the toyota dealership. I cannot say that about all dealerships - especially the Ford dealership in our area.