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New VW Jetta TDI break line leak


I have an 09 VWJETTA TDI with 6k miles on it. at 4k I brought it in to dealer b/c emergency light came on warning me of BREAK FAILURE. They found a break line leak- kept car for a week- delrship was dumpfounded and said had never seen this bfore- had to call VW for advice. Basically they let it sit - looked for leak and “readjusted lines”. hhmm some fix it. Now at 6k miles I notice LEAK again (underneath pass. front seat side). Am taking car to dlrship tday and don’t have much faith in them. Have you heard of this problem with the VW? Questions or advice for me? VW dlr- Barber VW Ventura. thank you, Katie

Be sure to check out You’ll find a ton of advice on the care and maintenance of your new tdi. I’m afraid I don’t know much about brakes.


You are well protected because your car is under warranty. There must be dozens of VW Dealers is Southern CA you can visit if this one can’t do the job.

Why do so many people confuse BRAKE with BREAK?

“Why do so many people confuse BRAKE with BREAK?”

That is something that truly puzzles me. Something else that puzzles me is why some people seem to blithely tolerate problems–particularly safety related problems–on new cars.

However, the location of the new leak makes me wonder if the OP is perhaps observing a normal condensation drip from her A/C, and not a brake fluid leak. Is there a “brake failure” warning light present again?

Anyway, if it does turn out that the brake hydraulic system is again leaking, then
I strongly suggest that the OP research the terms of the Lemon Law in her state by looking at, and then taking appropriate action. If I was the OP, this second repair attempt is the last one that I would allow the dealership to do before I invoked the Lemon Law.

If the dealership does not know how to replace a leaking brake hydraulic line, and/or if they are not interested in bringing in a VW technical expert who does know how to replace the leaking brake line,
I would have no mercy on those fools.

If there is indeed another brake fluid leak, rather than the A/C condensation drip that I suspect, this is as significant a safety hazard as could exist, and it should not be tolerated.

I can only add that you need to keep documentation of each trip. This could (but should not) turn into a lemon law issue.

Take Kevin’s advice. The TDI Club has all the TDI information you will ever need.