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New use for Tire Bleche White

Although this is not a car topic, I discovered a new use for Tire Bleche White spray: removing dirty smudges from white sneakers. I tried it and my tennis shoes look new again!! Yay!

There is no way I am using a toxic chemical on my shoes . The directions say to use rubber gloves and eye protection and to not apply to fabric .

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You’re assuming I’m not wearing protection. And, I spray and wiped immediately. It worked brilliantly and no harm no foul.

I use it on my tires and for other cleaning if nothing else works. Gotta say though I have never used protective gear when washing the car. Obviously you don’t want to spray it in your eyes. I bought an extension cord the other day and the tag said it was a known carcinogen in the state of California. Life is risky, where a helmet.

I give up.
Where is it?


Pretty much anything and everything is known to cause cancer in the state of California



Just ask Joe Jackson.

No hazards. The Harbor Freight vaccination kit is almost on sale.

During my city driving days I loaded and unloaded a lot of hazardous materials long before they were regulatede and never with protective equipment. Asbestos, analine dye, hydrazine, mercury, products from Goodyear Vinyl plant where the workers got a form of liver cancer exclusive to that product and many more including Hooker Chemical where I was sickened by poison gas that seeped into some bags I handled. The driver that picked up the bags, was sick for a week and the Hooker employee that gave him the product died.

I never expected to live this long and most of my friends in trucking are long gone.

Life is risky and you are not going to die no matter what you do. I would rather die sooner than live in fear so I am not worried about some Westly’s Bleache White on my sneakers.

I was a boy scout in the late 60’s, we got a tour of an asbestos mine, they even gave us a rock sample with asbestos fibers hanging out. I threw it out, made me feel funny. Maybe melting lead to pour into molds to make lead soldiers to play with saved me. Now I keep wondering if a coworker that used transmission fluid to oil his boots is what made him so crazy. Have to say the old lead tooth paste tubes worked better than plastic. Perhaps it was the dioxin they sprayed on the dirt roads at the cabins for dust control that let me live so long.

When I was sixteen we routinely blew the brake dust off the drums and backing plates with compressed air, no protection.
Up to until mid 80s, working in medical labs with all sorts of bodily fluids, strong acids, and strong bases we did not have or use any PPE.