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2013 Camry hybrid MPG terrible after 4 great years

Glad to have found this group and hope someone can help. Car was bought new in summer of 2014. It was fantastic for the first 4 years — 50-55 MPG and sometimes more on highways, mid-30s suburban/city in cold weather and 40s in warm.

About 10 months ago, the MPG fell through the floor. We now get on average 10 MPG less than before.

No changes — same drivers, same gas stations, same roads. Car has been dealer serviced from the start and they can’t find anything. Thanks in advance and HELP!!!

I wonder if it came with low rolling resistance tires (which get better gas mileage), but you’ve since changed them to all season tires or some other non-low rolling resistance tire…That will definitely impact your gas mileage.


Sounds like the hybrid portion isnt working . Thats sounds about normal for a gas only version . Hopefully the dealer or another dealer has someone who can actually work on hybrids. One of the risks you take getting one . Take it to a different dealer if the one you are dealing with cant figure it out. If there are no codes this will be a hard one to fix .

Interesting…will check he record on that. I think I have had them changed. But wouldn’t the dealer know what kind of tires to use?

The dealer will know what size of tires your car uses. As to what type (low rolling resistance vs all season vs performance) that choice is yours to make

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Just blindly accepting the dealership’s advice regarding which tires to buy from them is not a good idea. The OP should go to the tirerack website-- to see how her tires are rated in regard to rolling resistance. Maybe they will prove to have low rolling resistance, or maybe the dealership was just trying to unload certain tires on unsuspecting customers.

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You don’t know if you had new tires installed ? Do you have a friend who knows how to check the tread ? If not see a local tire store and also learn how to check tire pressure yourself.

Hey, Volvo_V70 – I’m just a middle aged suburban gal (as if you can’t tell by the choice of car) – don’t knock me! J

Thank you all for your advice. I will act on everything you have recommended and hopefully my MPG will be back to normal soon!

Not knocking. Not knowing how to check tire pressure is not age or gender specific. But something all drivers should know. If you have not put new tires on then these are near the end of their life by time if not miles.

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Do you check your tire pressure, in the morning, with a good gauge? I set mine at about 2 psi above the sticker specification (on the door jamb or in the glove box).

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Have not done so lately, but that is no different from previous years. Thanks for the suggestion.

I do know how to check tire pressure. As I said, I believe we have put new tires on but have to check when. Thanks for your help!

I dropped about 3 mpg on my MKZ hybrid when I changed tires, so it happens. But 10 mpg is more than I’d expect. If you can post the make and model of tire, that’ll help.

our prius got 50mpg around town. 1-2 mile trips. same mileage for 20mile trips.
so, driving habits or schedule should not effect the mileage.
but its a camry. which is not a prius