New timing belt, car wont start


Mechanic cant figure out why. :grinning:



First day on the job?


You have the timing belt installed backwards.



Backwards indeed!!!


Not mine. Just a download from facebook.


I think he just needs to move a few pulleys and it will be all good.


I see the problem. The timing belt jumped 385 teeth. Gonna have to start over. :wink:


LOL, this is just too funny. Thanks keith. :laughing:


If that isn’t a bloody novice, then that guy definitely needs a stronger pair of eyeglasses :eyeglasses:

Or maybe it was done on a hangover monday :beers:

The engine kind of reminds me of my Toyota Tercel :smirk:


I thought that too. 3AC or 4AC.


Wow. That’s pretty astounding. Someone’s mind must have really been wandering that day…


Hopefully that’s not an interference engine.

I have to believe this is a joke. No qualified mechanic could possibly be that stupid. Not even a novice. The only person I can see doing this is someone who’s only been wrenching for a week.


At least it’s a timing belt with two sides. If a Mobius strip timing belt got installed, Twilight Zone time. That kind of car could take you into another dimension entirely … lol …


I don’t believe the belt is backwards as stated, there is no proper direction of rotation visible in the picture.

West of the Mississippi we would say “inside out”.


I’ve seen a set of brake pads installed “inside out”, meaning they were installed with the friction surface facing outward, away from the rotor. And the work was from a shop, a customer paid for that work.


I assumed that pic is a joke, as I saw it on several other sites.

I’ll admit, it took me a bit before I realized I was seeing the teeth sticking outwards.


I believe that belt is for use South of the equator.