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New Suzuki Swift

Anyone know anything about this li’l car, currently being sold in Japan and Europe but not due to reappear here till 2010???

This was announced before Suzuki came out with the SX4, so wonder if still planned.

It’s what I have now (2000) and wonder if it’ll be worth holding out for rather than going with a 2009 Yaris… If possible…

It is now also available in Canada. You can fond info on, where you can get info.

It looks like a Chevy Aveo with slightly larger dimensions.

Since the safety and emissions specs are nearly the same for the US, it should be available soon in the US. Canadian prices start at $15,000, which should likely be about $12,000 US.

The current Canadian Swift is basically a rebaged Chevy Aveo (which in turn is a rebaged Daewoo), which is not a particulary good car. In 2010 The current JDM Swift will replace the Reno. It will be intresting to see how much effect the added saftey and emissions gear required in the U.S. will have on the car.

Google Suzuki Swift and have a ball. The car is scheduled for 2010 release in the US.