Am I getting a good deal?



I have been offered a suzuki vitara convertable H reg for ?700 plus my current car which is worth around ?4-500 (renault clio L reg) and 3 months warrenty, am I getting a good deal or should I stick with my old banger? I can also pay the ?700 in installments


Since this is a US-based site, and since that specific model Suzuki does not exist in the US, it is rather difficult to answer your question. Also, you might want to provide currency exchange rate information for us. ;-))


what? you don’t have vitara’s!? they’re so awesome, just ever so old. thanks for replying anyway, i will tyr soemwhere else : )


an i am wondering sould i do that dile


Perhaps, someone is forgetting that this is on a www (WORLD wide web)?


No, I am not forgetting that the web is, indeed, world-wide. I am merely advising that this is not the best place on the web to seek advice on a vehicle that is not marketed here. Also, most Americans are not familiar with the particulars of the various types of vehicle registrations in the UK and are not necessarily proficient at currency conversion.

Yes, there is the chance that another bloke from the UK will stumble onto this site and might be able to render an opinion, however, I would not count on that happening. All-in-all, this is just not the best site for getting a good answer to that particular question.

Note to the OP: We do have Suzuki Vitaras in the US, but our version is a small truck-based SUV, rather than a convertible.