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New subaru rep disputes master mechanics claims

Subaru corperate can’t get true information when a green rep denys information with a problem in a 06’ turbo. Constumer service reps says service rep has final word regardless of what master mechanic says. There is a flag for the problem yet cause and repair are not answered.

Was asked by service rep"can’t you live with it?" Wow!

How can a new rep, with fear of causing questions of his performance have the power to intercept vital information to Corp. of a potential issue in turbos?

We are detectives, just car detectives but none the less detectives. As one very famous detective said many times “Just the facts mamm”.

the facts! Master mechanic,service rep, owner of dealership and new rep and myself in the room sitting at a round table. ALL,but Subaru rep, admit my car has a documented hesitation between 55-65mph at slow accleration. Bought the car new and had flawless operation for the first 25k miles. Subaru rep says"normal due to polution controls." All service, fuel filters, air filters, on and on have been done. Computer can’t be swapped out and was told to live with it. My biggest issue?
Being a combustion specialist in the hearth industry, it bugs the hell out of me that flaws in manufacturing can be intercepted by reps and blamed on e.p.a. and the final bill lands on the lap of the consumer.

All turbos have something called a “waste gate” incorporated into the design. This waste gate allows air to escape once the turbo is on full boast, lets say 9 lbs of boost pressure. Too much pressure going into the cylinders will destroy the engine. The waste gate operates in a very hot area (turbo is mounted to the exhaust header) and they can bind up. Since your car ran perfectly for 25K miles and 3-4 years my guess is the waste gate is the problem. I’m also guessing the only way to fix the waste gate is remove and replace the turbo, expensive.

If Subaru won’t listen, you can go over the guy’s head. Get the name of his supervisor and so on. If the car is running OK you could sell it and never buy another Subaru. The next owner my not ever notice the problem, they’ll just see it as “normal” for the car.

Saab years ago had wonderful turbo’s. They just needed the best oil you could find and change it every 3K miles. I think your next car should not have a turbo. How 'bout a Honda CRV?

Oldschool, you might want to add “coherent” to your request for facts.

“just the facts mamm” "coherent"
Buy new 06’xt turbo outback subaru. All service done on time by Subaru. By the way, my third Subaru, but first turbo.
After 25k miles, car developes marked hesitation at slow acceleration between 55-65mph. They replaced oxygen senor. No change. Returned car and they replaced air filter. No change. Returned car and they replaced the fuel filter. No change. Returned the carand they put the car on a computer while driving and diagnosed by Master mechanic to have a marked issue at that speed and acceleration. Not being a mechanic, I can’t tell you why.
the car still had the same issue when I picked it up for the fourth time and I then requested a rep be invloved. Rep and master mechanic drove car and Master mechanic noted issue, new rep said little. Not to be blamed for not being coherent again, the issue is still noted hesitation at slow acceleration between 55-65mph.
when I picked the car up the 5 time with issue still not being resoloved I was offered a great deal on another car. I wanted this one fixed. Meeting with all involved from the owner down to the mechanic with his paper shoe cover on to not soil the carpet, they said, “I’m sorry. There is a problem but the rep has the last word.” “Can’t you live with it?” We all looked at each other in the room as the Rep said “it was normal. Due to the pollution control” Subaru Corp. customer service agrees. Rep has the last word. Selling the car hoping someone else doesn’t notice doesn’t help an industry.
Does being a top 250 contributor make someone need more facts then Uncle Turbo?

I am sorry for being a wiseguy. I just have a hard time reading information that isn’t organized into complete sentences. I should have just ignored this thread without being critical.

I wish you luck.

The best thing you have going for you (if you can see a “best thing” in this situation) is that all involved have verified your complaint and have taken steps to repair. They could have played dumb and continuosly returned your car marked “could not duplicate” which is what the Rep wishes they have done.

You must keep pushing, I don’t know enough about Subaru decision making at the Rep level and above but I sense you will,keep your cool and keep up the pressure. Subaru can afford to make it right.

On the other hand take a look at that deal,if it gets good enough common sense says take it.

ignore the thread? Please, a wiseguy I can handle. Ignoring a concern of a potential issue with turbos effects us all. Sorry for not having my sentences complete. My efforts to uncover a cover up is vital.

a problem in a 06’ turbo

Well I believe that you likely are under warranty. That means it is Subaru’s and the dealer’s problem. If they are not getting the problem fixed then it comes under the lemon law.

Check out:

First, there are 3 types of problems: problems with solutions, problems with no solutions, and problems that aren’t problems.

I think we can say you have a problem and since even the “Master Mechanic” doesn’t know what to do, the Subaru Rep becomes the point man in this discussion.

They obviously don’t know what is causing it, they don’t know what to do to fix it. It might be something that over time leaks a little bit or wears a little bit, something like that. It’s probably built into the design and can’t be changed. And it’s obvious they are looking for a “political” solution - hence the “Can’t you live with it?” remark.

But you should be aware that turbos have a built in “hestitation” as part of being a turbo - and the best that can be done is to minimize it. Subaru obviously did that very well since you didn’t notice it until quite a bit later.

So don’t be surprised if there is nothing more to be done. You obviously have gotten everyone’s attention and they have tried to address it.

Have You Asked To Drive A Similarly Equipped 06 - 09 XT For Comparison?

I don’t know enough about Subarus (closest dealer is 4 hours round trip), but I’d look at whatever years have similar drive trains w/turbo.

It would be interesting to know if used ones all do this or if new ones do. They might have some Xts sitting around the dealership somewhere. Should your’s be the only one suffering this type of hesitation, it could be more ammo to convince the reluctant SOB-REP.

If they have one/some, then have them give you the keys and take it/them for a spin.

Just read the entire thread again, sorry girltalk that so far no answer for you.

I was struck that Subaru changed lots of stuff, filters etc. but I didn’t see anything about ignition parts. No new plugs, coils, etc. At 25K miles some of these items, especially the plugs (if still the original) could be deteriorating. The extra charge of fuel and air from the turbo needs a strong spark to ignite it properly under load, ie accelerating. Maybe girltalk needs “hotter” plugs given her driving routine?

Another item I didn’t read anything about is fuel pump(s). Saab turbo’s had 2 electric fuel pumps, one to drain the tank and move the gas from the tank forward and a second to provide the correct pressure. Consistant and high fuel line pressure is critical in turbo charged motors. What is the fuel pump situation with Subaru turbo’s? Was fuel pressure checked?

Still guessing, but a couple areas not yet considered according to the evidence so far.

If you can get a good deal from Subaru on a similar car with a non-turbo 6 cylinder engine, take a hard look at it. If Subaru is having this much trouble across the board with all it turbo engines they would be in serious trouble. Something is going on with your car, no doubt. Don’t be too worried about carrying the banner and fighting the good fight for other Subaru turbo owner’s, most of them are satisfied and most have more than 25K miles and are still going strong.

Take care of “girltalk” and in this instance that may mean another car so you can move on to other areas of your life.

the car falls through the lemon law crack. I researched it. Subaru Corp. extended the warranty. Doesn’t solve the problem. It really is more my problem due to the one hour one way travel to dealership.

Thanks uncleturbo. Just what I’ve been searching for. Common sense, educated approach to the problem. I will continue to work on a resolution. At least now I am armed with information that can be useful. I believe tha mechanic has thrown the cheapest repairs at the car to resolve the problem. Due to the huge inconvience after 5 returned trips, I think they where hoping I would just go away.
Buying a new car is not an option. SubaruCorp. offered discounts off a new car yet out of pocket to me would be approximately an additon 7k. due to taxes, extended warrenty I paid for etc. As far as moving on to other areas of my life? This is an area of my life that is important. I believe the public need to know what is happening. How would we know if Subaru is having this problem across the board if the Rep intercepts to problem? How many other turbo owners have been brushed off with the "it’s normal due to the e.p.a. regs"
Again, thanks for the good advice.