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New regulations for driverless cars

I heard about it this morning while I was self driving my car to work.

I’m waiting for readerless newspapers to come out to make driverless cars obsolete.

Yes, we have officially given up on real people driving correctly, our last hope is for computers to do it for us.

Now if only the self driving car would serve you the latte, apply make-up and shave for you, we would all be set.

I watched this on my iPad this morning while eating breakfast, drinking coffee and shaving during my drive in to work…

That’s all legal but don’t ever smoke in your car or you’ll be arrested.

IMHO - if you smoke you should be deported. There isn’t a legal activity that’s killed and sickened more people then smoking.

Where is that a law?

What? Smoking or being deported. It was just a joke son to reduce the level of tension a little but its child abuse if you have a child in the car.

So was mine Bing. Obviously we cant deport for smoking

Tell me where I’d be deported to and let’s talk.

Good point. I may take up smoking if it means I’ll get deported to a tropical island.