New or ursed

I have a98 CRV-andamlooking for an '06-the last great year of a true sport utility-

but to get a good bumper to bumper and relatively low mileage, I’m looking at 16K from a private seller-HOWEVER, the Saturn Vue rides beautifully-though it has a fixed back hatch glass-which is lame…but I can get one new for 20ish. What choice do I make?

Can you re-phrase the question?


Are you asking us to spend your money? If your previous CRV served you well, that could be high on your list.

I Am HAVING troublefollowing your-thoughts on this ?

In addition to the obvious problems with the way that the question is phrased, I also am perplexed by one particular statement, namely, “'06-the last great year of a true sport utility”

I hate to burst the OP’s bubble, but the CR-v is not a true sport utility vehicle, and is actually a light-duty crossover vehicle with an AWD system that normally is not even activated. The AWD system on that vehicle only activates after the front wheels begin to spin, thus making it less than ideal in low traction situations.
Then we have the history of center differential problems on this “true sport utility”…

My bad. My 98 has served me well- but I’m looking to purchase-either a new Saturn Vue for around 20K or a used 96 CRV with low mileage -for 16k.
When I say ‘…last great year’, I am refering to the redesign of the CRV , which has lost cargo space, has now a fixed rear door glass (no way to transport surfboard and tag sale finds), reduced visibility due to glass configuration, etc.


check that, looking at a used 06 crv

The 2005 Vue rated average in reliability and the 2005 CRV rated above average at JD Power (no newer ratings available). says that maintenance (not repairs) is about $500 more for the Honda than the Saturn, but the Saturn will use about $300 more in fuel over 10,000 miles (their standard). Repairs will be a lot less for the Saturn because it has a new car warranty. I believe that the US Government will underwrite Saturn warranties in case Saturn disappears in the next 3 years. Saturn will probably be bought by Penske Automotive Group, but the deal hasn’t closed yet. I’m sure that Penske will honor the warranties for all Saturn owners. You didn’t say what model Vue; I suppose the XE?

I am looking at a Vue XE-
but I am leaning, now, toward the Honda. I spend hours on the computer doing comparisons-exhaustive work. You have been helpful. Thanks!