New or 1 year old?

Would it be better to buy a new(2013) Nissan Altima, or get a 2012 (new) now? I understand that the 2012 would be considered a year old, since the 2013 cars have come out. Thanks.

the 2013 is an all new car different from the 2012 car and i not sure how the the cvt trans our holding up in the long run.

If you are going to keep the car for a long time and like the 2012 Altima, get it. The 2012 2.5S sedan with the convenience packages should cost around $20,350. There is a $2500 rebate, and the initial cost is about $1000 less than the 2013. Is the 2013 worth $3500 more to you?

BTW, all 2012 and 2013 Altimas come with the CVT.

was the '12 a dealer demo, or just been sitting on the lot for awhile?

The '12 should come with a steep discount compared to the '13. If yes, get the '12. If the '12 isn’t significantly less than the '13 then get the '13. Both car will depreciate the minute you drive it home from the dealer, but the depreciation on the '13 is significantly less.

There should be little difference if you keep the car for 10 years. Use factors other then age, like color and options you want.

I’ve bought several cars that way. Cheaper the buy the one year older car when the newer models come out. Usually MUCH cheaper because the dealers are trying to get them off the lot to sell the newer models. Sometimes there’s major changes from one year to the next…other times there were very little changes. If you like the older model then get it ( as long as there’s a good discount).