New Motor



i have a classic Camaro with a Stock 305 and i was wondering if the classic price value would drip if i put a 350 supercharger in it


Save the original engine and the value won’t be hurt too much. A 305 isn’t much of a loss in my opinion, but I have no experience in classics. I was listening to a piano piece of classical music and it got repetitive. My first words were, “Can’t that guy play anything else?”


If by classic, do you mean the 2nd generation Camaro or the 3rd?
The 2nd gen Camaros are starting to appreciate and especially if the car is an RS or something not quite so run of the mill, then I would probably leave it along.
The 2nd gens are getting very hard to find around here as most of them have been gutted and turned into race cars for the 3/8 mile dirt track here. Of course repetetive crashes has thinned their numbers down a lot even there.

The 350 is a much stronger running engine and I would have no problem in dropping one in. It should not be a big deal.
What I would do though is keep the 305 and any unused parts around. This would allow it to be easily put back together in it’s original form.


its actully an 89 so it as 2 years left until it turns into a classic but i was just wondering when it was a classic about the motor


The term “Classic” does not apply. They made millions of them. Put any engine in it you want. Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?


Classic. Any pre 70. If not, then drop that 350 on it. Your trans might not hold IF a GOOD 350 4 bolt Supt up motor is dropped in. These are very powerful motors.


Just go to any camaro webpage and see what model/year is most favored. I don’t think the late 80’s early 90’s was a desired model, but I’m not a Chevy guy. Also, I agree with the other poster . . how fast do you want to go?