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New model car

The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic will be in the showrooms October or November 2011. The Sonic, which is made in the United States, will replace the Chevrolet Aveo. This is the first year of the Sonic’s production. My question is this: I have heard for a long time to never buy a car in its first year of production because it takes several years to get the bugs out. Can anyone tell me whether this statement about the bugs is true or not? Thank you. abxxx

Oftentimes, yes, it’s true.

I concur…It is.

But many new vehicles are NOT completely new. They may share many components with other vehicles that have been around…

When the Scion line came out they didn’t redesign everything. The engines and transmissions were already being produced in other lines by Toyota.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Auto manufacturers have come a long way. Toyota and Honda have been introducing cars without first-year flaws for a long time. GM and the other manufacturers have had to work hard to do that, too so that they can stop losing sales to those two companies. I haven’t heard of a new GM model for a while that had growing pains. BTW, the drive train is the same as the Cruze which will be in its second yer of production in 2012.

I agree with jts about not worrying about. Vehicles have come a long way, but I must disagree on his comment about T & H without first year flaws. All makes have issues, TSB’s and warranty claims concerning various parts or systems. It would be next to impossible to produce a product that was flawless.

But, with that said, again I agree that I would not worry about it.

The best reason to wait a year is that the price usually drops a fair bit after the the newness wears off. I’ve noticed that second year of production usually comes with rebates.

Regardless of what previous off the shelf components are used, assembly plays a big role in he reliability of a vehicle. If the new model is assembled in an existing facility using existing components and procedures, I would agree. I’m still not ready to buy car that’s a replacement for he dreadful Aveo, yet. I’m sorry, GM isn’t Toyota, yet or Ford for that matter in small cars. The cars they make today could very well turn out to have equal long term reliability to a Corolla or Fusion…you be the lab rat and let me know in 5 years.
Would you buy the replacement for a Yugo?

In general I’d say a new model can have a few items to be worked out. I pretty much trust Honda new models right out of the box. Most mfg’s now really put an effort into not having bugs in new models. A new model with problems can really kill sales. My guess is the new Chevy will be OK.

“GM isn’t Toyota, yet or Ford for that matter in small cars.”

Maybe not, but they are a lot closer than they used to be. I wouldn’t have any problem buying a 1st year car from any of the major manufacturers. I even recommended the Sonic to my daughter, who may buy a car in a year or two.

“I’m still not ready to buy car that’s a replacement for (t)he dreadful Aveo, yet.”

The Aveo was built in a Daewoo factory, and the Sonic will be built in Michighan. How can they be similar? And GM seems to get it now with reference to design. The current Malibu is competitive with all midsize cars. The Cruze is cometitive with all compact cars. I’ve read reviews that actually enjoyed their time with the Cruze. Cadillac and Buick are going through a renaissance. I’m not ready for an Aveo, but certainly the replacement Sonic is worth a look.

“Would you buy the replacement for a Yugo?”

No, but I’m not interested in a Fiat Uno.

Thank you all for your comment. abxxx

“Toyota and Honda have been introducing cars without first-year flaws for a long time”

From personal observation I know that wasn’t the case with
the '75 Civic CVCC, '82 Accord, '03 Matrix, Mazda RX3 (I forget the year).

“jtsanders” Don’t get me wrong, a lot of cars are “worth a look”, as was the Aveo and others when they first appeared. I wouldn’t buy a 4runner the first new major change (which I did later) or any new model from anyone including Honda, Toyota as well as GM. A look, sure. A wink, a nod, a gesture etc., but NO $$$$$…

In 3 to 5 years when the Sonic has had a proven record and all who have owned one on this forum and elsewhere rave about it’s reliability, I 'll consider buying one. I don’t believe for one second that most here feel differently regardless of what our politically correct responses have been. I admit to being a car junky and will try out anything new out there, given the opportunity. But like most of you, it stops there.

As far as replacing the Aveo from Daewoo with a Sonic from Michigan as being evidence that it’s a better car, I don’t buy it, and won’t. GM for years put their name on the Aveo and willing tarnished their reputation in my eyes by marketing the car and only now has seen the light ?
You’re welcome to buy the Sonic first year out, not me…and doubt seriously you will. It’s just political rhetoric to say anything more than “it’s worth a look”.